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PSEE Study Materials


Our current, comprehensive, reputable PSEE study materials—available in English only—help you build skills and prepare quickly for Foreign Service and related federal government job competitions which are part of the annual Post-Secondary Recruitment campaign.

Note: The title “Post-Secondary Recruitment” used in this Public Service Commission competition does not mean that it is restricted to recent graduates. Any exceptions are specified in individual job postings.

Over the past 25 years our study materials have enabled thousands of clients to obtain high test scores, learn about tricky evaluation methods, develop application materials that satisfy complex screening requirements, and succeed in getting to the interview stage of competitions.

We take the tests every year and debrief with clients regularly to update our materials as changes occur. People who have worked with us on test development have also done so for the federal government. Our Director was a Foreign Service Officer and international management consultant specializing in behavioural-based training. These assets make our company the only proven source to help individuals entering government competitions.

Note: Foreign Service (FS) positions are with either Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in the Political/Economic, Commercial/Economic or Management/Consular officer streams, or with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for the Immigration officer stream. Commerce (CO) and Policy (EC) Officer positions are also with GAC. Mobile Officer (PM) jobs, formerly Program Manager positions with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), are now part of GAC.

Useful Background on PSEE Test Numbering

The Post-Secondary Recruitment competition introduced the online Public Service Entrance Exam (PSEE) in 2011. The online Unsupervised Internet Test 370 now entails the 372 Sub-test 1 (Reasoning) and is typically accompanied by the 374 Sub-test 2 (Judgement).

As some candidates will remember, online tests were previously followed by in class exercises: the Graduate Recruitment Test (GRT), the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Written Communication Proficiency Test (WCPT). As of August 2014, the Public Service Commission dropped these tests and replaced them by the 371 PSEE Supervised in person tests, now designated as the 373 Test of Reasoning and 375 Test of Judgement. These replicate the same formulas and skills as the initial online Reasoning and Judgement exercises.

Why did the government create this confusing, repetitive PSEE process? Implementing unsupervised online testing as phase one of the Post-Secondary Recruitment process saved money. Many candidates were able to be "culled" without having to use in-class venues where the government had to reserve space to accommodate multiple thousands of test-takers and pay people to invigilate the testing, which was often highly disorganized.

Now, the second set of PSEE tests, which are still supervised and in-class, involve smaller audiences, are later in the fall and therefore somewhat easier to coordinate and cheaper to run. They also ascertain that any candidates who may have cheated on unsupervised tests must face the same type of tests again in person.

The differences between the test materials and formats used in phase one and phase two of the Post-Secondary process are limited. All the Reasoning and Judgement questions are of the same type in either case (see the government's and our sample questions for validation). Only the number of questions and time accorded to do them differ.

2016 Post-Secondary Recruitment and PSEE Requirements

The 2016 Post-Secondary Recruitment application period runs from September 21 to
October 13. The two PSEE online tests for Reasoning and Judgement will be written in late October. Supervised, in-class PSEE tests will be carried out later, with dates and locations across Canada and abroad running from November 2016 to January 2017. You must “pass” the online tests (though your exact score will not be provided) before registering “by invitation” for the supervised sitting of the latter two PSEE tests.

See our links shown at the left for full explanations on:

  • How Tests and Interviews Work (our success rate is noted there)
  • How to Register, Hiring Process and Common Questions (answers to most issues candidates want to know about are provided there)

Our PSEE Prep Materials

Our PSEE study materials will prepare you for both the online and supervised in-person PSEE tests. As the government confirms on their website, the online and supervised tests use the same type of questions. Only the number of questions and time allocation differ in these exercises.

Our PSEE practice tests provide you with the following:

  • Reasoning study materials include three 25-question sample tests plus 20 supple- mentary questions for extra practice, all showing the answer formulas underlying reasoning questions.
  • Judgement study materials include two 52-question sample tests plus a 15-page introduction on need-to-know principles on which these behavioural questions are based.
Click here to see our PSEE Sample Questions.

How to Order

Note: Our PSEE materials are available only in electronic format and only in English.

Please see the instructions below and on our secure web page to order online using VISA or MasterCard. Click here to order.

Electronic PSEE Materials: Sub-test 1 (Reasoning)

  • Email to Canadian address $90 Cdn + applicable taxes
  • Email to International address $90 Cdn (no taxes)

Electronic PSEE Materials: Sub-test 2 (Judgement)

  • Email to Canadian address $75 Cdn + applicable taxes
  • Email to International address $75 Cdn (no taxes)

Electronic Combination PSEE Sub-tests 1 and 2

  • Email to Canadian address $155 Cdn + applicable taxes
  • Email to International address $155 Cdn (no taxes)

Website Security and Order Delivery

Payments may be made by Visa or MasterCard and are cleared by Moneris Solutions, a secure online service. Orders are processed once credit card approval is obtained.

Orders are sent out within 24 hours to clients who enter their information correctly online. If greater urgency is required, clients can call our office at 613-567-9229 to order over the telephone and receive faster service.

Our Clientele, Reputation and Supporters

Clients include first-time exam takers who want to prepare effectively, and individuals who participated unsuccessfully in past competitions and need to perform better. Clients come from various university disciplines and levels, and many already hold a job in government, the legal or other professions, the academic world, an NGO or the private sector.

Referrals of candidates come to us from retired and serving government executives up to Deputy Minister level, lawyers, international business executives, and university faculty and administrators familiar over the years with our quality services.

Please take the time to read the testimonials sent to us by clients and supporters displayed under Client & Supporter Comments [click here].

Why Trust Our Services?

We are the only career coaching firm that specializes in helping candidates understand and advance in government, multilateral organization and international NGO hiring and promotion competitions—from entry level to executive level.

No service offered by government, universities or the private sector—past or present, in North America or abroad—matches our expertise or placement record over the past 25 years. The success rate of our clients in institutional hiring and promotion processes attests to the high quality training we provide.

For further information on what we do and why we know how to help you, see our List of Standard Programs and Services [click here], About Us [click here] and the profile of our Director [click here].